If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, you’re in the right place:

  • “How can I stop my ex from brainwashing my child?”
  • “How can I unbrainwash the lies he/she’s been told?”
  • “How can a family court help me, as they seem corrupt?”
  • “How can I understand what makes a parent do this to their own child?”
  • “How can my child believe these lies, they know better!”
  • “Is there any hope for me reconnecting?”

Hello, I’m John Steinbeck, and this blog, book, and Facebook Group (with over 28,000 followers) are the┬áresult of my success in fighting off a vicious campaign to completely sever my relationship with my son.

He was taught to dismiss our relationship, dread upcoming visits, and denigrate our father-son bond that had existed for years. This blog speaks from experience: that of an all-out-war against our relationship.

I am not a Ph.D. or child therapist who has studied the topic but never experienced it first hand. Rather, the articles in this blog and my book are the result of techniques I came up with that successfully reversed my son’s alienation.

Since the professionals won’t help others unless you fork over thousands of dollars, I’m here to fill that gap. Too many children are being mentally abused, and parents need some practical solutions.


In this blog I share my insights, tips, and techniques gained over the years of turning my son’s contempt and anger around.

My goal is simple:

I’m passionate about helping you understand and then counter your ex’s mean-spirited and evil behaviors in trying to turn your child or children against you.

Your son or daughter wants you to fight for them. Despite their terrible treatment of you.

The road to win back their love isn’t a short or easy one… but one day it just might be the most rewarding effort you ever put forth in your life.

Lastly, whatever you do, never give up!

John Steinbeck
Parental alienation coach, author, and blogger

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