The Magic of Summer Visitation

About John

John Thomas Steinbeck is a parental alienation consultant. He and his son's relationship was under attack in a deplorable campaign of parental alienation. In this blog, John shares his insights, techniques, and tools in combating emotional child abuse. He did it-- today his son's love has been restored-- and you can too!
  • Hope

    The magic of summer visits was the absolute answer to our dilema with parental alienation! My husband and I were able to restore our relationships with his daughters who resided out of state by requesting AND enforcing this. My step- daughters refused to come back to MN with us when we attempted to pick them up for their summer visit in 2013. We petitioned the Court and the Judge made the girls stay with us for the remainder of the summer. We enforced it again in 2014 and at the end of the summer, the girls ended up telling the Judge that they preferred to live in MN with us due to their realizations of their mom’s many many lies about us. It worked!!! They needed time to see the facts for themselves!

  • Emily Stearns

    Thanks for sharing.. It gives us hope for the future with my husband’s 2 beautiful daughters.

  • wicked_stepmother

    Very glad I found this thread and this site … my husband’s children are here for part of this summer – he’s able to cook, watch movies, play cards, and joke around with them – it’s a chance for them all to just BE together. I still do not have a close relationship with my stepchildren – however since mom got married last year, step-parents are now people you have to say hello to in the morning, so it’s not quite as bad. All of that being said – I have a question – and would like some advice if anyone has it. My husband is limited to calling before 10pm in the parenting plan – which he does. However mom will the text the boys until whatever time at night she wants when they are here and then say they wanted to text her. Also, I’m driving them to camp this week and they are on phones all the time – I don’t know what they are doing but I checked our Verizon Wireless account today and I know one was texting mom the whole time. Since they’re also on Snapchat with her I know what’s on Verizon might only be part of the story… bottom line – she’s mom … how do you tell when kids just really need to talk to mom …. or is there ever such a thing as enough already! 🙁

  • Hope Yoder

    We also had this issue and were told by our Parenting Time Expeditor that children should be able to call their parents as often and whenver they want (within reason of course) however parents can be/should be given limits. After we allowed the girls to call their mom whenever they wanted, they wanted to less and less until eventually it was not an issue. Mom of course did NOT like that she couldn’t call all the time but it really helped the girls know that they could call whenever they needed to. We also have a house rule that the phones are not to be used after 9 p.m. so that helps. The girls rarely ask to call mom after 9 p.m.

  • Gray Wolf

    Thank you so much for all that you are doing. Check out looks like they are scratching the surface in educating judges and mental health professionals in family court too. Are you available to hire as a court expert?

  • BrandonDuncan

    God bless you for sharing your experience, strength and hope. Seeing my daughter being robbed of her childhood, happiness, love and closeness with me and all of my family has just killed my inside.
    For a time I considered that my daughter would hurt less if I stop fighting for visitations, of course I will NEVER abandon my Brianna.

  • BrandonDuncan

    Bless you John for sharing your experience, strength and hope. Seems to me that children are not as important as money. I say this because the courts are all about the dollars, cents. Proof has been revealed, obvious signs of mental abuse, coaching and so on, yet its still not enough to force guilty parties to seek help or lose rights.
    Praying for every child and parent struggling, suffering and hurting. Thank you again John, I needed to see your video’s.